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Weekend... Smiles

I had a good weekend. I woke up so early in the morning (like 8am..) it's early because I usually sleep till at least 10am. I don't do 1-2pm anymore because it's really hard to sleep that long when you are older.

Since I was up so early, I reckon I go for a walk. Have been reading up on how to kill cellulite (yes.. Vain pot) zzz so I took a walk.

Feeling rather in the mood.. I walked all the way to Pasir Ris Park.. With a little jog and hop on the way. Pasir Ris in the morning is much of a dead town . Haha..

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Can't wait for 50shades movie

Yes! It's wrapped up! I took the photos off twitter...

In a fan girling mode...

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Can't wait for 2015 Valentine's Day. I hope the movie is good! Jamie already met my expectation of Christian's image! Now it's just the cinematics!

Work issues

Well... I was supposed to blog more regularly but I think it is just not going to happen... It wasn't anything like there is no time or what.. It just blogging is just zzz.

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The bonus was the last straw. It was too pathetic. And I made up my mind to kiss this company bye after my April trip.


Back to blogging... 2014 first post!

I realized I have detached from the blogging world since 2012? (My last post was probably in Nov 2012).
My last few posts were still about my work with General Mills, but those who really know me personally will know it's past tense.

Frankly speaking, I think I change jobs faster than the cabbie changes his shift. I'm currently in my 4th job but to be honest, I think i'm moving forward to a 5th... (?). I will update on this when time comes. Lots of changes happening everyday, I can write all in another entry...

So, why back to blogging?

Too many thoughts and emotions going through everyday and I haven't been able to capture the feelings I have, always relying on "memories" but I will forget the minute I remember it. So reading through some of my previous entries, I have decided to blog again.. picking up from where I left off. I will continue to keep this journal, (hopefully) in a longer run.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram era... Yes, I haven't been a fan of Facebook... to the extent I have problems trying to navigate the app/ website.. Initially when Facebook first launched, I had the account, but I was afraid of networking with familiar people... sort of an inferiority complex within myself so I shied away from it... Unfortunately for me, the whole world became very accustomed to this social medium. Gradually, I moved to Twitter but I seldom tweet because of the bugs Twitter has and it's always spammed with those spam users always tweeting rubbish...

Instagram was fun app to use and I'm trying to get hold of it.. The problem with that is I always have to keep lots of photos in my phone to post and stuff.. -.-" Anyways, after I have regained my thoughts, I'm back with blogging, because nobody now reads it so I'm kinda safe to rant. (hoho..)

I intend to write about my trip to Hong Kong (Jan 2014) in the next entry.. so for now, I will just share a bit of what's in my mind and my resolutions. I got a new camera in end 2013, to capture new memories for the next few years, so I definitely going to get photos up.

I wrote a few resolutions for 2014 -

1) Learning to cook 5 dishes and 3 types of soups - yes, I can't cook ..
2) Basic Diving Cert - the plan is in April :)

It's not really hard to achieve, I have 10 months to go. I intend to do some traveling to new places, I do have a few places in mind, but it really depends ultimately on the time and cash available. I may continue my Japanese studies but this is not a priority. I am still deliberating between pursuing a Masters degree or just staying stagnant for the time being. Being stagnant makes me tired...

There are so many things I want to write about and share about...
Hoping to write more soon because I need to go and plan my Diving trip. (Will share more!)

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